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Dear Valued Client


Integrat is proud to announce the launch of Telkom Mobile Event Billing (EB) Service -operator controlled double-opt-in for subscription and ad-hoc (once-off) services requested via SMS.


If you have an application that was developed and/or hosted by Integrat that requires customisation in order to comply, please contact your account manager for a quote.


Clients are given 30 days’ notice to implement as per your service agreement.

For the purpose of this communication all services that have a billing component (OBS) related to it will be referred to as “products”.


The double-opt-in service will take the form of a notification send to each subscriber on the first OBS billing request for a new subscription for a specific product. The subscriber has to give his/her consent to being billed at the indicated value and frequency by SMS.


Until consent has been given no successful billing will be possible against the subscriber for the specific product.


Telkom Mobile will allow a 5 day period for the user to opt-in.


Bearers will be rolled out in phases for Telkom Mobile:


· SMS- Available

· USSD- Currently in testing, available end of Quarter 2

· WEB/WAP- future development with dates to be confirmed.

   In order to fulfil the new requirements clients will be required to provide the following information with every OBS billing request (including all OBS-linked SMS’s):

· Price – already supported by the current Higate API – as the ‘Value’ of the OBS

· The product name – already supported in the current Higate API – as the ‘Category’ parameter

· The start date-time of the subscription service – already supported by the current Higate API – as the ‘Started’ parameter

· A flag to indicate that the billing request is the first one for a given MSISDN and subscription service – already supported in the Higate API by setting the ‘Started’ parameter (above) to ‘FIRST’


Up to date Business Rules and Terms & Conditions can be accessed from the Integrat wiki.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or if any technical assistance is required.


Please contact your Integrat account manager or log a technical support ticket at



Kind Regards

Integrat Technical and Compliance

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