Integrat Finance and Business Notification: Zero Rated and Reverse Billed USSD

Dear Valued Client,


Further to communique received from the networks, all clients who are currently making use of the free *130* code for Airtime Recharge applications, and who are not an approved network Wholesale Airtime Partner, will be required to migrate these codes to a Reversed Billed USSD *134* code by no later than 16 May 2014. The charge to the user will still be ZERO, however the Reversed Billed cost will be charge to you the customer providing the service.


The networks has confirmed that Integrats’ clients can continue using the *130* codes (not marketing changes required), however will be configured on the network as Reversed Billed USSD code. This change is enforced by the networks. Clients are given 30 days’ notice as per your service agreement.


For the purpose of this communication with effect from 17 May 2014 the following rules and costs will apply to all Reversed billed USSD codes:


Ø Reversed billed USSD will be billed to client at R0.45c (Excl. VAT) per USSD session;


Ø The service can only be used for service related to Airtime Recharge Services ONLY and cannot be bundled with any other service;


Ø If you are an approved network Wholesale Airtime Partner who is currently making use of the free *130* USSD code for service of Airtime Recharge service                 only, no changes will be made to your account (normal agreed transaction rates will apply), however we would require written confirmation that you are an                   approved network Wholesale Airtime Partner by no later than Thursday 17 April 2014, for no Reveresed Billed USSD charges added to your account.


Should you have any queries, please contact your Account Manager.


Kind Regards 


Integrat Service Delivery


Technical Support:



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