Integrat Finance Notification: Payment Terms and Invoicing

Dear Valued Client,

Based on all the DOI implementations across Operators over the past few months, specifically the Opt-in period which requires customers who request a services to confirm their request prior to delivery of content and billing, the statistics takes longer to consolidate e.g. final delivery status received from networks.

Our monthly invoicing will be delayed by 3 working days this month and will be sent out by COB on 10 July 2014. Revenue share payments will be processed by the latest 10th July 2014 as a result of this delay.

With reference to Clause 4.2 of the Integrat Service agreement, we hereby give one month’s notice to change the revenue share payout terms to 70 days after revenue share month. All monthly invoices from Integrat will be sent out by the 10th of each month and your payment terms will remain the same and apply from date of receipt of invoices.


Integrat Finance Team

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