Technical Difficulties - Vodacom : 10 May 2015

Dear Valued Customers,

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties to the Vodacom gateways.

This is impacting all SMS,OBS and LBS traffic.

Vodacom is investigating the fault and our support teams are monitoring the situation.

We will advise as soon as the fault has been resolved.

Kind Regards,

The Service Delivery Team 

It seems that this might have been resolved - could someone confirm/deny?

This morning we launched two Bulk SMS campaigns and up to now, all the SMSs from those campaigns, to Vodacom numbers, were stuck in "queued" state. A few minutes ago, all those SMSs cleared up. 

Does this mean that the issues with delivering to Vodacom numbers have been resolved?

Kind regards, 


Hi Enke,

A global notification will be sent when all Vodacom related queues are cleared. This includes SMS, OBS, LBS and USSD.

You can also request a update on your ticket as these notifications on the announcements page only serve to advise on major technical faults that we are aware of.

Kind Regards,


Dear Valued Clients,

Please note that connectivity was restored at 14H00 yesterday. All Bearer traffic has been successfully restored. 

An incident report will be posted in the next 2 business days, once all facts have been gathered from the network Engineers.

Kind Regards,

The Service Delivery Team

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