NEOTEL : Urgent Change scheduled at Megawatt Park Pop

Dear Customer,


Please note that we have an Urgent Change scheduled at Megawatt Park Pop on the 26th June 2015 from 22:00 to 27th June 2015 at 05:00 and 3rd July 2015 from 22:00 to 4th July 2015 at 05:00 (GMT: +02:00). We urgently need to install additional batteries to increase the capacity at Megawatt Park Pop, this is to ensure that the site has enough capacity in the event of failure (including the scheduled load-shedding). The change will be done into two phases in order to minimize the risk.


Services are not expected to be affected but they will be at risk for maximum duration of 3Hrs during the change.


Reason for Change:


Installation of additional batteries to increase the capacity at Megawatt Park Pop.




Implementation plan


· Switch off Battery Technologies charger.

· Switch of battery disconnect batteries.

· Verify no power to the DC DBs for that feed.

· For each DC DB, remove and make safe redundant supply cables from Battery Technology charger.

· For each DC DB, connect the new supply cables from the IPS.

· For each IPS, switch off IPS, drop DC and verify safe.

· For each IPS, install 100A supply breaker, 16mm jumper connect, connect DC DB supply cables.

· For each IPS, strip-out existing battery disconnect breakers, battery comb bus-bar, existing 16mm battery fly-leads (these go to the battery connector block).

· For each IPS, install new battery bus-bar (we are having new ones made), new tails to this bus-bar (2 x 35mm), new battery fly-lead (1 x 70mm) – these tails and fly-leads we are pre-making and lugging at the office.

· For each IPS, switch on IPS, verify operation, verify battery supply to each string.

· For each IPS, reconfigure battery charge rate.

· Verify all kit operational and confirm the services with the NOC.


Rollback Plan:


To prevent Network failure should a Grid failure be experienced during the change the follow steps are to be carried out:

· The Technician will inform the NOC immediately.

· There is a generator onsite that will take the load should there be a Grid failure during the change in order to ensure that services do not experience any downtime.

· The Technician will ensure that all the devices are up until the power the Grid power has restored before leaving the site.

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