• The total request is restricted to a maximum amount of R 200.00 (incl. VAT) per event.

   Should the service fee (excluding bearer fee) exceed R 200.00 (incl. VAT), it shall be rejected

   by the system which will only process authorisation requests equal to or less than the value

   of R 200.00 (incl. VAT).


• The service fee billed per transaction must be equal to the total price of the service. The

   WASP will not be allowed to split the full price into various transactions with smaller

   charges. Therefore, for example, a R99.99 service should be billed in one transaction at

   R99.99 and not 3 transactions of R33.33 or a R20.00 per week subscription service should be

   billed once per week and not billed in five daily transactions of R4.00 each.


• A WASP is required to complete a service description with a unique content name for each

   application applied for via Event Billing. The content name on the content description must

   be the same as applied for on the production Event Billing and must only be used for as

   described within the content description. In the event of the WASP using the content name

   for anything other than what was intended, then Telkom Mobile shall be entitled to

   immediately suspend the service.


• The instructions for subscribing must be clear on all advertising; the customer must be made

   aware that the service is a subscription service. (The advert must communicate that it’s a

   subscription service). The WASP is required to adhere to the subscription service rules as

   defined in the WASPA Advertising Rules published on the WASPA Portal and updated by

   WASPA from time to time.


• The WASP is also required to adhere to the Telkom Mobile Adult Content Policy. Failure to

   comply with the guidelines given will result in termination of the WASP agreement and may

   result in prosecution by the law.


• Bearer detection is required for the Double Opt-in confirmation. This ensures that the same

   bearer is used for the request and confirmation. Example: If a customer requests a

   subscription service via SMS, Telkom Mobile will send the Double Opt-in confirmation via

   SMS and not USSD.


• A monthly reminder SMS must be sent to all subscription service customers. This reminder

   must be sent within 30 days of the initial notification message, and once per calendar month

   thereafter. The customer may not be charged for these reminder messages. These

   reminders are the responsibility of the WASP

   These reminders are the responsibility of the WASP

   The reminder SMS must have the following information:

- the WASP(Event Billing Partner);

- the content type;

- the content description;

- price;

- billing frequency; - The WASP’s (Event Billing Partner) telephone number.


• A prepaid customer must have sufficient funds in the prepaid account before the charge

   request is authorized by Event Billing System. Post paid customers spend limit will need to

   be checked if their status is suspended before allowing content transactions to proceed. An

   error message and clear way to lift the spend limit or unsuspended the account are then




• Subscription services are managed by frequency validations (daily, weekly or monthly).

   Request to Charge requests will manage these validations. Example: A daily subscription

   service, the WASP requests for funds available before content is delivered, however this is at

   the sole discretion of the WASP to deliver this content if funds are not available. After 24

   hours the WASP is unable to charge for the previous failed transaction request. Frequency

   validations are as follows:


i. Recurring Daily- (24 hours)

ii. Recurring Weekly- (7 days)

iii. Recurring Monthly- (Calendar month)


• Fund Checks will automatically be associated with the Request to Charge for any service.

   Fund Checks are used to confirm if there are sufficient funds to be deducted from the

   subscriber for the service that they have Double Opted in for. 1.13 The WASP authorisation

   request must contain the correct service name and WASP (Event Billing Partner) ID as

  configured in Telkom Mobile’s Event Billing Syste


• If there is any discrepancy, such as the incorrect spelling of the service name, the system will

  not approve the authorisation request. Each service name will link to a WASP (Event Billing

  Partner) ID.


• All billing authorisation requests submitted to the Event Billing System need to contain an

  indicator which states the start date and time of the subscription service. If this information

  is not included, the system will not approve the billing authorisation request.


• A customer can voluntarily opt out of a subscription or, otherwise, contact Telkom Mobile,

  WASPA or the WASP to cancel that specific subscription service in question.


• Customers may not be automatically subscribed to a subscription service as a result of a

  request for any non-subscription content or service.


• The WASP Customer Care number must be a local South African number and must not be

  Premium Rated. Operator assistance must be available from 08:00 to 17:00 and thereafter

  have an access mechanism available. E.g. IVR