Cell C Double Opt-in

Business Rules

1. Introduction

Due to the increase in the number of customer complaints in respect of the WASP subscription services

Cell C has deemed it necessary to implement measures that will help alleviate these customer

complaints. In our experience of late, the biggest challenges are around customers who claim they were

not aware that they were subscribing to WASP services. The new business rules are aimed at resolving

this issue.

In order to eliminate any uncertainties that may exist with customers regarding subscribing to WASP

services, Cell C has decided to implement a technical solution to enforce the “Double Opt-in” business

rules. Double Opt-in is a two-step process which requires customers who request WASP services to

confirm their request prior to delivery of content and billing.  

2. Key Objectives


The Key Objectives of the Double Opt-In business rule are to:


2.1 ensure that customers are provided with full service details before they purchase a WASP service;

2.2 reduce the number of customer complaints related to WASP services and to prevent rogue

     operators from defrauding Cell C subscribers;

2.3 improve the customer experience;

2.4 increase the longevity of WASP services;

2.5 create a reactive process whereby Cell C takes action following breaches of the WASPA Code of

     Conduct and relevant penalties as prescribed by WASPA.


3. Double Opt-in Business Rules 

In order to provide extra protection and transparency for customers who request for paid-for WASP

Mobile Content and Applications, as well as those who have not requested same services but are billed,

the following requirement has been identified:


1. Customers who request WASP services must confirm their request before they can be billed and

    have content passed on to them by the WASP via the Cell C Network.  

2. This must apply for WASP services initiated via SMS, WAP, WEB, USSD, MMS or IVR channels.

3. A customer will send a request for a service via any of the Network channels made available to

    WASPs. The WASP is required to activate the service on the Double Opt-In platform by providing

    all required information relating to the service. This information will be used to generate a

    service notification which will be presented to the customer by Cell C.

4. The information relating to the service cannot contain any profanity, URLs or any variation of the

    word free (eg. free, Mahala, etc)

5. The service notification will include the service name, price, and frequency of charge.

6. The maximum single charge supported on Double Opt-In is R50.

7. Only the charge intervals stipulated in the Double Opt-In interface specification will be supported.

8. The customer will be required to accept or decline the service by selecting YES or NO. This is

    applicable to WEB and SMS Opt-in methods. These channels will be free to the customer.

9. If the customer replies YES, the WASP must be notified that the service request has been

    successful and only then can the WASP issue a billing request. The WASP will be responsible to

    notify the customer of the successful registration of service.

10. If the customer replies with anything but a YES, or fails to respond within the “opt-in period” of

     24 hours, the transaction will be deemed a service request failure and the WASP will be notified

     as such. The WASP will not be allowed to send a billing request for that service.

11. A WASP will not be allowed to resubmit the same service activation if the transaction is pending

     subscriber authorization. The WASP can use the re-notify function to remind a subscriber of the

     pending request.

12. Only one re-notify request will be allowed on a pending transaction in the “Opt-in” period. Note

      that the re-notify function is not applicable to WEB opt-in.

13. Should a customer decline a service, the WASP must not attempt to reactive the same service

      with a 24 hour period.

14. When a customer has confirmed their request for a subscription service, the amount, the

      frequency of the charge may not be increased without the explicit consent of the customer. This

      must be treated as a new service request.

15. The WASP must send monthly reminders to the customer within 30 days of the start of the

      subscription services and monthly thereafter.

16. A customer can only be subscribed to a service once, until such time that they unsubscribe in

      which case a customer can re-subscribe to the service.

17. Each once-off and/or subscription service requires a separate double opt-In.

18. A customer can request multiple once-off services, but billing can only take place per request as

      the customer confirms the request.

19. Only three failed billing attempts will be allowed per service per day.

20. Upon the cancellation of a service, the operator will notify the customer of the deactivation via

      SMS. This is applicable to cancellations initiated by the WASP, operator or subscriber.

21. Subscription updates from the Double Opt-In platform to the WASP will be retried once after 60

     minutes in the event of a failure. The WASP has the ability to query that status of a subscription

     at any point. The WASPs will also be able to download a summary of all subscriptions at the end

     of each day.